Peace Negotiations

international Peace mediationPeace agreements are hard to reach and just as hard to implement. Whether you are a mediator, a conflict party (government or opposition), or a representative of a regional organization or a contact group, Suzanne can support you as you navigate political or armed conflict and help you determine the best ways to

  • Make initial contacts
  • Build trust and confidence
  • Conduct “talks about talks” to build a process all parties see as legitimate, fair, and worth pursuing
  • Develop protocols and an agenda for substantive negotiations
  • Invite the right parties and design a sufficiently inclusive process
  • Ensure a voice for civil society stakeholders and the general public
  • Convene a contact group of concerned states to support movement towards peace and resolution
  • SnowRoseEstablish mechanisms for breaking deadlocks
  • Prevent “spoiling” and manage spoilers
  • Manage and oversee implementation
  • Establish commissions or other mechanisms to head off disputes about implementation

Each conflict involves a unique history, set of cultures, and political and economic context. At the same time, there are some common dynamics across conflicts. Suzanne can help apply lessons learned from other peace processes without imposing a generic model. She will work to create a customized process to promote peace with justice in the particular setting.